Apply to ASC


If you would like to join the ASC community, the time to apply is now!

ASC accepts applications from September until March each year to serve in one of our six Jesuit schools located in Denver, Kansas City, or St. Louis. Applications will be reviewed beginning in September until all positions are filled for the upcoming school year. The ASC service year begins in July and ends in June annually.

Still not sure? Watch the video below to hear St. Louis University High School’s former ASC volunteers talk about their experience and how ASC impacted their futures.

Former ASC Volunteers who now work for St. Louis University High School
Video filming & editing by Ryan Doyle, Digital Media Specialist, SLUH Student Media (moderator), ASC 25

What to expect when you apply

  • Fill out the application form by clicking the button below.
  • You will need:
    • Two recommendations (online links provided in the application)
    • High school and/or college transcripts from a Jesuit school
    • A short essay (guidance provided in the application)
  • After you submit the application:
    • Your application will be reviewed by the ASC Director
    • The ASC Director will contact you for a brief initial interview
  • If you fit the desired needs of a school:
    • Your application will be submitted to the school for consideration
    • The school principal will contact you for a second interview
  • If you are accepted by a school:
    • You will receive an acceptance letter from the ASC office, including a Memorandum of Understanding outlining your service year
  • If you sign and return the Memorandum of Understanding:
    • YOU’RE IN!

It is a slightly long process, but it is painless and absolutely worth the effort!
ASC is truly rewarding and, most importantly, FUN!

We look forward to your application!