Schools We Serve


Arrupe Jesuit High School

Arrupe Jesuit High School serves the economically disadvantaged and the racially and culturally diverse youth of Denver’s central city neighborhoods through a Corporate Work-Study model common to “Cristo Rey schools”. ASC volunteers participate fully in the life of the school through classroom teaching, tutoring individual students, driving the school bus, coaching sports, moderating clubs, yearbook, newspaper, community service projects, retreats, etc. Teaching opportunities (depending on the volunteer’s background) include: computer applications, public speaking, pre-algebra, study skills, and team-teaching with an experienced faculty member in any subject.

Arrupe volunteers live in a small house across the street from school. Although a majority of Arrupe students come from Hispanic households, ASC Volunteers sent to Arrupe do not need to be bilingual (English-Spanish). ASC volunteers at Arrupe help to make Jesuit education accessible to young people who would not otherwise have the opportunity. The school is small (300 boys and girls), so teachers get to know the students well and help them navigate the challenges of growing up in impoverished neighborhoods. ASC Volunteers at Arrupe have the unique opportunity of helping a new Jesuit high school to build on the tradition of St. Ignatius that has animated Jesuit education for centuries.

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De Smet Jesuit High School

Fourteen full-time teachers on the De Smet Jesuit High School faculty began their teaching careers as Alum Service Corp volunteers. At De Smet Jesuit High School, ASC Volunteers serve as classroom teachers with nearly a full load of classes. ASC volunteers have taught in every academic area based on their academic backgrounds, and they are actively involved in the school’s professional development program for staff members, especially the program for new teachers. ASC Volunteers are supported by working closely with mentor teachers, department chairs and the Assistant Principal for Staff Development.

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Loyola Academy of St. Louis

Loyola Academy of St. Louis is a Jesuit middle school for boys who have the potential for college preparatory work, but whose progress may be impeded by economic or social circumstances. The Loyola community conducts a challenging program that supports families in preparing each student to achieve his full human potential. In the Ignatian tradition, the school inspires its students to lives of service and leadership through the use of their God-given talents.

With a small student population (between 65-70 students) teachers at Loyola know their students well. They provide a stable and attentive presence for boys to prepare for college prep high schools. ASC Volunteers at Loyola Academy are intimately involved in all aspects of the school and provide invaluable service by accompanying boys through the challenges of not only academics and co-curriculars, but also through the challenges they face with not having resources that many in our society take for granted.

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Regis Jesuit High School

Regis Jesuit High School provides a single-gender educational experience by operating as two divisions—the Boys Division and the Girls Division. Each has its own leadership team with a division head who reports to a single principal. There are also several cross-divisional administrators helping to ensure that both academic and affective programming is delivered campus-wide with equity and efficacy for all students. As such Regis Jesuit is able to provide its students with the best of both worlds — a primarily single-gender academic environment inside the classroom with numerous opportunities for students to serve, pray, study and socialize together outside the classroom.

ASC Volunteers serve in both divisions and usually teach two to three sections each semester. They are also called on to support the school’s efforts outside the classroom, helping with clubs, athletics and pastoral, service and other events. The volunteers assigned to Regis Jesuit live together in the same community.

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Rockhurst High School

As the Jesuit high school in Kansas City, Rockhurst has a long and proud tradition of excellence in the classroom and in athletics, and they offer their students great opportunities for Ignatian formation through exemplary service and retreat programs.

ASC Volunteers live on campus in a renovated space that served as the Jesuit residence in decades past. Their close proximity to the school allows them to coach, tutor and mentor students after school and to get involved in a wide variety of co-curricular opportunities. Typically ASC Volunteers teach two to three sections in an area of competence. They are supported by mentors and department chairs, but also enjoy the collegiality of the open faculty lounge.

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St. Louis University High School

The second oldest Jesuit high school in the country, St. Louis University High School (SLUH) boasts a long and proud tradition of academic excellence complemented by student creativity that overflows into unique co-curricular offerings

 ASC volunteers typically teach about two sections in an area of competence and are invited to take on responsibilities in the campus ministry and service offices, as well as athletics and other co-curriculars. ASC Volunteers enjoy close relationships with mentors and department chairs.

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